2nd Annual First Responders

Junior Camp

Camp Information

We are thrilled to share the positive impact that NFRTC’s First Responder Junior Camps have on the community. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of first responders while fostering healthy relationships between first responders and the communities they serve for the safety and vitality of our towns and cities. Our First Responder Junor Camp is just one example of how we are creating these meaningful connections.

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National First Responder Training Complex would like to share this opportunity with 9th-12th grade students who might be interested in becoming a First Responder. NFRTC, sponsored/in partnership with The Port of Corpus Christi, will be hosting a summer camp, June 10th-14th from 9AM-2PM. The camp will consist of Fire, EMS, HAZMAT, Rescue, and Extrication. Activities, competitions, and lunch (included) will all take place.

Cost of the camp is $50.00 per person.

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